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Always having a way with words, Banc was a natural with a pen and pad and he took to it with a passion. The gritty, vivid depictions exemplifies his creativity and close acquaintance to the street lifestyle. Banc is well known throughout the circuit of budding artists on the west coast having worked with the likes of Rum Burgundy, Taj He Spitz, Compton AV, Jooba Loc and Shady Nate to name a few. When asked what he plans to do next, Banc cooly replies “apply pressure & gas pedal to the top.”

Having just released his debut highly anticipated  project “Easside Story” featuring artists like Dot Goodie, Swizzy, Slim 400, Glasses Malone, ES K-Boy and Ammar Sings, he undoubtedly displays he can run with the best of them. Expect big things from Banc Calif, his lyrical versatility leaves no style or genre off limits.

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