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Why A Vault?

HiKey VAULTS are hybrid between a website & an APP, which can be downloaded to your device just like a native APP and are designed to mimic native APP user experiences.

Once a user Installs or Adds to their Home Page — Our HiKey VAULTS behave just like APPs. While the number of mobile users is growing each day — slow connections are an everyday problem for many and result in a frustrating user experiences. VAULTS are a great solution thanks to faster loading speeds and since they can even work while offline.

That’s why we chose VAULTS over a native app on iOS and Android and makes for an excellent solution for our client list & products.


1. Open Safari on your iPhone
2. Go to the website (example: )
3. Tap the Share button on Safari
4. Find by slide to the right “Add to Home Screen.”
5. Tap it, then tap Add (top right)


1. Open Chrome on your Android Mobile Device
2. Go to the website (example: )
3. Tap Settings (Top right corner) on Chrome
4. Slide down and tap “Add to Home Screen.”

Windows or macOS

To install any VAULT as an APP on Windows or MAC via Google Chrome Browser follow below steps:

1. Open Chrome on Windows or MAC.
2. Go to the website (example: )
3. Go to Settings (top right corner)
4. Click Install “VAULT Name”